Christ Crucified and Risen for our Salvation

This is our One Central Focus at Desert Palms Church

This Focus Drives Everything we Are and Do and is Defined in

One Core Value, One Key Vision, and One Main Mission

Our Core Value: Fidelity to God’s Word and Faith in Christ

We uphold this Core Value through:

  • Faithfulness to Scripture and Doctrinal Purity, including the Inerrancy of the Bible
  • Winsome Communication of Presbyterian Distinctives
  • The Five Solas, specifically noting that Grace and Truth are found in Christ alone
  • Peace, Excellence and Joy in Magnifying Christ

Our Key Vision: To Proclaim Christ and Feed God’s People in the Valley of the Sun and Beyond

We are guided to realize this Vision by:

  • Modeling and Teaching the Historic Christian Faith
  • Continually Striving for Unity in Christ in all our efforts and activities
  • Seeking Enduring Kingdom Growth that Spans All Generations
  • Developing Life Impacting Trust in Christ that is evident in All Ministries and Relationships
  • Constantly Developing and Deploying Servant Leaders

Our Main Mission: Making Disciples and Maturing Believers in Christ

We implement this Mission in 5 Primary Areas:

  1. Make Strong Disciples of Christ by
    • Active Outreach and Lifestyle Evangelism
    • Structured, Systematic Discipleship
    • Living out our Doctrine in all our Spheres of Influence
    • Developing Personal Devotional Skills
    • Life Impacting Membership that Multiplies into New Churches
  2. Engage in Christ Centered Corporate Worship that is
    • Biblical and Historical
    • Joyful and Excellent in song and music
    • Participatory
  3. Develop a Spirit of Servanthood employing God’s many Gifts
    • Extending Mercy to those in need
    • Binding Fellowship
    • Shepherding the faithful with Grace
  4. Faithfully and Accurately teach the Holy Scriptures through
    • Expository Preaching
    • Stressing the Inerrancy of Scripture
    • Doctrinal Purity faithful to our Presbyterian Legacy
  5. Stressing Prayer as Critical
    • Corporately
    • In Families
    • In our Individual Lives

We believe this to be our call by Christ in pursuing the Great Commission.  It can be expressed in

Our Basic Message to Our Community and All Mankind: 

As God’s creatures, we were designed to be in a relationship with Him. Instead, we have turned our backs on our Creator and have chosen to live apart from Him. The Bible calls this “sin.” As part of our alienation from God, we often try to put ourselves in God’s favor by being nice, doing good deeds, going to church, or being religious. None of that draws us close to God. The problem is in our hearts where we are by nature opposed to God.

As a result, there is an infinite chasm between us and God that only God can bridge. By becoming a man in the person of Jesus and taking the penalty of our actions upon himself on the cross. God opened the door for us to become not only his creations, but his children. With that changed identity is a unique power to live a new kind of life as we experience a relationship with him. The Gospel is this good news — that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can be rescued from the power and penalty of sin, to know God and enjoy Him forever.